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This clear display case is perfect for those who want to store their LEGO ® Marvel Spider-man Daily Bugle (76178) building. Not only does it display this tall set in all its glory, but it also protects it from getting dusty.
Int. Length32cm Int. Width32cm
Introducing our large acrylic case for the LEGO ® Movie 2, Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840) set. This tough display case is perfect for protecting your LEGO model from dust, dirt and other environmental hazards. Plus, it'll keep your model looking great on display.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width39cm
An acrylic display case designed for the LEGO® Friends Central Perk (21319) TV Series set. The ideal way to keep your model protected from dust while on show.
Int. Length32cm Int. Width26cm
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This acrylic display case has been designed for LEGO® Architecture 21002 Empire State Building.
Int. Length13cm Int. Width13cm
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This is a unique acrylic display case for LEGO® Architecture 21042 Statue Of Liberty, New York. It will protect your collectible and keep it dust-free!
Int. Length21cm Int. Width21cm