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Display your LEGO® Star Wars Death Star II Battle 40407 set in our high-quality acrylic display case. It's made from 3mm thick acrylic and is also stackable.
Int. Length21cm Int. Width13cm
This acrylic display case is a great way to show your LEGO® 40362 Battle of Endor 20th Anniversary set off with pride.
Int. Length21cm Int. Width13cm
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This is the perfect display box for your LEGO® Star Wars Ewok Village (10236) — and ideal storage for when you're about to break out the lightsabers!
Int. Length65cm Int. Width39cm
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Your LEGO® Star Wars Death Star will be safe and sound in our acrylic display box. Plus, the clear design means that your Death Star will look great from any angle. Designed for both the 75159 or 10188 model.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width47cm