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Riches, rewards, prosperity and good fortune will be yours during the Year of the Rabbit with our custom-designed acrylic display case ideally sized for the LEGO® Chinese New Year Money Tree set. Safeguard your premium brick model from dust and potential damage to the exposed decorative elements.
Int. Length18cm Int. Width18cm
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Welcome in the Year of the Rabbit with this acrylic case for the LEGO® Lunar New Year Parade (80111) set, offering a protective display solution to keep your model dust-free with plenty of room for all the minifigures, floats, and flags to be arranged in a fun, vibrant style.
Int. Length58cm Int. Width21cm
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Welcome fortune into your home and keep your LEGO® Lunar New Year Display decorations looking colourful, shiny, and new all year long with our bespoke display case designed to house both festive symbols side-by-side, ready to display on a shelf, table or as part of a private collection.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width15cm
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Find the best way to display your LEGO® Jazz Club (10312) set with our premium, high-quality display case, oriented at the ideal size to keep your LEGO Icons Modular Building looking hip, swinging and new while protecting it from dust and damage.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width26cm
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Enhance the festive spirit of your LEGO® Christmas Tree (40573) with our custom display case, designed to keep the exposed elements of your set free from dust while showcased in a room of your choice.
Int. Length13cm Int. Width13cm
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Charge the gauntlet, assemble the mech and take flight. This quality acrylic display case for the LEGO® Hulkbuster 76210 set is designed to keep your model looking new and protected from dust, enhancing the display of the biggest mech model LEGO has ever released.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width26cm
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A stylish, high-quality acrylic display case for the LEGO® Forest Hideout 40567, that will look great on any shelf or desk!
Int. Length18cm Int. Width18cm
Our acrylic display case options for the LEGO ® BrickHeadz Manchester United Go Brick Me (40541) is perfect for showcasing your favourite figure in an attractive and dust-free way.
Int. Length13cm Int. Width13cm
Enrich your LEGO® Harry Potter 76391 set with our Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Display Case, including an optional magical pre-applied vinyl background of Snape’s potions classroom. The case includes plenty of room for Hedwig to spread its wings over the iconic wizarding world mementoes while keeping them safe from dark magic and dust.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width39cm
In stock
Keep your LEGO® Holiday Main Street 10308 set neatly showcased within our clear acrylic display case, designed to keep your model safe from dust, snowballs, pets and reindeer this Christmas.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width21cm
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Football crazy, football mad! Keep your tabletop football safely stored on display between matches with our protective clear acrylic display case for the LEGO® Table Football 21337 set, designed to protect the functional elements from dust and damage and exhibit the spectator booth on an included clear plinth.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width32cm
In stock
This professionally-designed display case fits 2x LEGO® BrickHeadz models, displaying them in innovative style while protecting them from dust and the elements. Easily stackable, these cases are the ideal way to show off your models at work, at home or as part of a private collection, with a choice of a black, white or clear base.
Int. Length18cm Int. Width10cm
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Display 3x LEGO® BrickHeadz models in style, protecting them from dust and damage in our professionally-designed display case. Each case is designed to be easily stackable, allowing you to show off the brick figures in various places as part of a larger collection, with your choice of a black, white or transparent base.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width10cm
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Display 4x LEGO® BrickHeadz models while keeping them shiny, new and protected in our premium display case. Stack as many cases as you want, with the option of a black, white or transparent base, letting you show off the models around the house as part of a larger collection.
Int. Length32cm Int. Width10cm
In stock
This large clear acrylic display case has been designed to hold 5x LEGO® BrickHeadz models with your choice of a black, white or transparent base. Our stackable transparent base design also allows multiple cases to be stored on top of each other.
Int. Length39cm Int. Width10cm
In stock
This acrylic case has been designed to display up to six of your LEGO ® BrickHeadz figures. There is also a stackable clear base option, which is the ideal solution if wanting to showcase your collectible figures together.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width10cm
In stock
If only you knew the power of the dark side… display four of your Star Wars LEGO® helmet collection in villainous style for all to see with our premium display solution, keeping them looking new and dust-free while protected from rebel incursions.
Int. Length72cm Int. Width18cm
Our display case and stand bundle is the perfect combination for keeping your LEGO ® DC Batwing (76161) set protected. M ade from high-quality acrylic, so it's sturdy and long-lasting. New for 2022 - an optional pre-applied vinyl moon background.
Int. Length65cm Int. Width21cm
Showcase your LEGO ® Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion set in a made to fit clear acrylic display case. This high quality, UK-designed case is simple to assemble and will protect your LEGO 40521 model from dust while on display.
Int. Length13cm Int. Width13cm
Switch your rotor blades on and let your LEGO® Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter (42145) take flight from our high-quality protective display case, designed to protect the search and rescue vehicle while on display. Showcase your LEGO Technic set in a sleek and stylish way while keeping it free from dust.
Int. Length72cm Int. Width52cm
In stock
Honour Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa, the heroic leader of Wakanda and the legendary Black Panther from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with our large custom display case for the LEGO ® Black Panther (76215) set. Protect your model from dust and fingerprints while displaying it in elegance with an optional pre-applied vinyl background.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width32cm
In stock
The LEGO ® Star Wars UCS Razor Crest is here at last! There’s no better way to keep this massive starship set protected from dust and damage than with our large premium clear display case made from 3mm acrylic, including an optional pre-applied vinyl background and base.
Int. Length78cm Int. Width58cm
There’s no better way to keep the LEGO ® Star Wars UCS Razor Crest starship protected than with our XL clear display case and included angled stand, combined with an optional pre-applied vinyl background and base.
Int. Length78cm Int. Width47cm
In stock
Super Mario’s ultimate nemesis needs a reliable lair to rest in when not launching fireballs or smashing heroes with his fists. Our fully-customised high-quality display case for LEGO ® The Mighty Bowser (71411) will reliably protect your iconic boss from dust, damage and feisty Italian plumbers trying to rescue princesses.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width32cm
In stock
Showcase the ‘World’s Best Boss’ and his precious office kingdom with our protective display case for LEGO® IDEAS The Office (21336), admiring every detail while keeping the small minifigures and components safe from dust and the risk of accidentally losing pieces.
Int. Length32cm Int. Width32cm
In stock
iDisplayit presents a premium display case worthy of a galaxy far, far away for your The Justifier (75323) LEGO® set. Protecting bounty hunter Cad Bane’s starship from dust and damage is easy with our stylish container designed to neatly showcase the model from all angles while in a landing position.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width39cm
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Brighten up your home or office décor with our crystal clear acrylic display case for the colourful LEGO® Icons Succulents 10309 flower set, protecting every petal, stem and hidden surface from dust and fingerprints while enhancing your display.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width21cm
In stock
A perfectly clear display case for the LEGO® Technic Material Handler (42144). Designed and manufactured in the UK, the display box is specially made to fit this large construction model and will keep the dust from building up on your valuable collectable.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width21cm
Your LEGO ® Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition (76405) set will be the most iconic train in King’s Cross Station with our spellbinding acrylic display case, including an optional vinyl printed background and dark timber base. Magically repel dust and damage while showcasing every colourful element of your Harry Potter steam train, from the wheels to the carriage to the engine.
Int. Length120cm Int. Width22cm
In stock
Let your LEGO ® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse (21335) shine out in all its glory with our high-quality acrylic display case, available with an optional vinyl printed background and front panel water splash effect. The case also has a built-in door to the side so you can access the power controls on the set. Keep your build-and-display collectable free from dust, damage, sea spray and seagulls while admiring every detailed element.
Int. Length39cm Int. Width26cm
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