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10% Off At iDisplayit

March can be boring and bleak, with Christmas a distant memory and summer still so far away. So why not brighten up your home interiors with some fun new display cases or stands? We're offering 10% off for one day only, so get shopping!*

This month is huge for LEGO releases, so if you need some ideas, check out our blog on the latest releases, along with our blog for the Speed Champions sets coming out this month. If you’re a Wizarding World of Harry Potter fan, head over to the six new LEGO Harry Potter sets blog for some magical inspiration.

A-Frame Cabin Display setup

Thinking of assembling a Star Wars fleet? With our range of display stands for LEGO, you can exhibit various interstellar crafts at spaceflight-worthy angles.

Don’t forget to combine them with a display case with a printed background for a showcase worthy of the stars. All our LEGO display backdrops are pre-applied, so you don’t need to worry about complicated assembly on delivery.

LEGO Star Wars ship and film vehicle collection

No matter how big your LEGO, Hot Toys or Blitzway models are, we’re certain to have the right size case for you.

Browse our selection today at www.idisplayit.com – Love it. Protect it. Display it.

Titanic LEGO exhibition display case

*Discount automatically applied at checkout, available until 23:59pm GMT, 10th March 2023. Offer not valid on LEGO sets or furniture. Excludes shipping cost and trade.


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