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Riches, rewards, prosperity and good fortune will be yours during the Year of the Rabbit with our custom-designed acrylic display case ideally sized for the LEGO® Chinese New Year Money Tree set. Safeguard your premium brick model from dust and potential damage to the exposed decorative elements.
Int. Length18cm Int. Width18cm
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Welcome in the Year of the Rabbit with this acrylic case for the LEGO® Lunar New Year Parade (80111) set, offering a protective display solution to keep your model dust-free with plenty of room for all the minifigures, floats, and flags to be arranged in a fun, vibrant style.
Int. Length58cm Int. Width21cm
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Welcome fortune into your home and keep your LEGO® Lunar New Year Display decorations looking colourful, shiny, and new all year long with our bespoke display case designed to house both festive symbols side-by-side, ready to display on a shelf, table or as part of a private collection.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width15cm
Our acrylic display case provides a sturdy and secure way to store your LEGO® Lunar New Year Ice Festival 80109 set.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width26cm
This display case for LEGO® Lunar New Year Traditions is a perfect fit for your home. Protect and showcase your Chinese New Year model with an acrylic display box, designed especially for the 80108 set.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width26cm
If you're looking for a way to showcase your LEGO® Story of Nian 80106 Chinese New Year set, then this acrylic display case is the perfect choice for you!
Int. Length39cm Int. Width26cm
Store your LEGO ® Chinese New Year Lion Dance 80104 and Temple Fair 80105 sets together in our large clear acrylic display case.
Int. Length65cm Int. Width39cm
With this acrylic display case, you can safely store your LEGO ® Chinese New Year 80105 Temple Fair set, keeping it protected from fingerprints and dust.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width39cm
This beautiful display case will help protect and showcase your LEGO® Lion Dance 80104 set, from the Chinese New Year range.
Int. Length39cm Int. Width21cm
There are few celebrations around the globe which are quite as colourful and steeped in culture and mythology as the Chinese New Year, the start of...