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40 Bearbrick 100% Wall Display Case

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This premium wall display case has been designed to exhibit 40 x 100% Bearbrick models, secured in place using display pins. With this display solution, your models will be protected from accidental damage and dust contamination.

Our advantages
  • — Direct from manufacturer
  • — Unique flat-packed system
  • — Best quality


If you’re looking for a stylish, bespoke way to display your 100% Be@rbrick, look no further than our premium wall-mounted display case, featuring room for 40 figures. Whether you're a seasoned collector or you have just started growing your collection, this acrylic display is a must-have for showcasing your highly valuable Be@rbrick designer toys.

Built To Last

Our exclusively designed wall-mounted display case for 40 Bearbrick 100% figures is built to last from high-quality materials assembled in our UK warehouse, delivered flat-packed worldwide with straightforward, printed assembly instructions. No glue is required. The case is easily assembled from acrylic and secured together, using the fittings provided. The four shelves slot securely in place against the rear panel, along with the sides. The entire case is offset from the wall by four chrome finish brass spacers. Installation is required, by drilling four holes in the wall.

  • Pins to place in the holes on the feet to keep the figures secure*.
  • Adjustable wall hook for accurate levelling.

The clear front panel is easily removable, allowing easier access to your collection; there are tabs on the sides to help attach/remove the panel as required.

Start Building Your Be@rBrick Collection Today

Medicom Bearbrick toys have taken the collectables market by storm with their iconic teddy bear-shaped figures, decorated with everything from sports teams to music artists to real-world art. The 100% scale range is perfect for assembling a collection of replica superheroes, film characters or celebrities. With our new showcase options, your models will remain exhibition-worthy for years to come.

Bearbrick figures are not included.

*Please note: In total, there are 80 metal pins which will need to be placed into the plinths. A small tool is provided to help you with the process, but it can take some time as each pin needs to be inserted individually.

Contents included: Flat-packed wall display case with pins, suitable for 100% Bearbrick figures.


Approximate Internal Size (cm)
Int. Length
45 cm
Int. Width
05 cm
Int. Height
34 cm
Approximate External Size (cm)
Ext. Length
52 cm
Ext. Width
08 cm
Ext. Height
45 cm
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