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These push your display over the top. (Check the video)
Here is a picture of the starship trooper shuttle. Looks great!
I bought this for the Star Wars Lars Homestead Kitchen. There is a display case specifically for that set and it has the exact same dimensions. It's an absolute perfect size. Not too tall. Easily recommended.
I got this for my A-Frame Cabin. I chose the white base to replicate snow. I chose to build my A-Frame Cabin without the trees, which is why I chose this displace case. I would prefer the case be an inch shorter. But I'm not complaining because this fits my A-Frame Cabin perfectly. Strongly recommended.
The base is a perfect size. The leaves take up the most square space. The case itself could be an inch or so shorter. It's a great fit. Recommended.
I wanted a display case for Optimus Prime standing up. This one works perfectly. There's enough width for the legs to be spread apart for a standing position. And there's enough depth for the display card as well as the Energon cube. It's perfect for the Optimus Prime set if you want to display it standing up.
I ended up getting this for a different set. I got it for the Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series set from Brick Vault. It's about the size of a TV remote. The display case is a perfect size. Perfect length, width, and height. Definitely recommend.
It's a nearly perfect size. A square base that is a perfect width and length. It'd be nice if it was about an inch shorter. It would still have (I'm guessing) half an inch of clearance between the top of the set and the top of the case. But I'm fine with it. Strongly recommended.
A great size. It's tall enough in case you want to display the hood/bonnet open. A perfect length (bumper to bumper) and a decent width (door to door). Recommended.
I wish there was another option for a shorter case. I understand that this one is as tall as it is to allow the trunk/boot to be displayed open. The length (bumper to bumper) is perfect. I wouldn't mind having the width (door to door) be a little narrower by an inch. An easy recommendation.