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I highly recommend this display. It was easy to put together, and looks great! It also has space behind the figures if you wanted to add a few more than 100. Also very easy to take off the front panel and make changes if needed.
Excellent well-made wall mount (white backing) for Lego's "Starry Night". I would give it a full five star review but, quite frankly the instructions are vague, general, & need larger more clear images. For instance, there is indeed a "top" panel and a "bottom" panel yet, they aren't mentioned AND if you interchange them they won't fit properly. Also, there is an unsightly (aprox. 2") gap from the bottom of the set to the bottom of the frame -I used a velvet cloth to cover it up -easy fix. More time is spent by Displayit (2 min. video) as to how to remove the protective film from the plastic then how to assemble the case. I am very happy with the display though and would certainly order from Displayit again!
This case is one of many that I have ordered from idisplayit and it is an awesome way to display this beautiful set. They are a great way to protect your sets from dust and damage and display nicely anywhere.
I ordered this with the stand. It’s absolutely amazing and fairly easy to put together. One piece of advice for others: remove the landing feet from the Falcon for mounting and then reattach after mounted.
Lots of room and plenary of fasteners to keep it secure! Easy install and shipping was right on track.
Sam was so incredibly helpful! I had an issue with another company and he made sure I got this case in less than three weeks! It was very easy to put together. That’s all for now - time to go fill it with some clones!
A truly unbelievable way to display this set. It is the absolute best way to keep it protected from dust, debris, and damage. Very recommended.
This is a great case for displaying your tie fighter set. It fits the set really well and looks nice wherever it's displayed.
This case is a really nice way to display this very detailed set. Everything fits in place just right.
While this case was originally intended for the Louvre, I used it for one of my Christmas kits. I keep all of my LEGO Christmas kits in these displays (see my other reviews) - which helps keep them preserved in the Off-season. The display for the Louvre was a dimensional fit for this small LEGO kit.