About us

About Us

iDisplayit -  Celebrating 16 Years

This year is our 16th anniversary of supplying professional display solutions to both customers and the retail industry.

Who we are

iDisplayit is a website brought to you by Pure Display Limited, dedicated specifically to supplying high-quality acrylic display cases for LEGO and other collectibles.

We were the first UK manufacturer to create bespoke displays for LEGO and have extended our collection to Hot Toys and other collectibles. It all started with a love of LEGO modular buildings and took off from there – we now have one of the largest ranges of bespoke display solutions available and our collection of cases, stands and furniture is always growing.

Our passion for all things collectable means we will always provide you with the highest quality of products, combined with exceptional customer care. 

The iDisplayit Difference

We are a family-run business, that cares about our products and our customers. We design and manufacture our products in-house at our UK warehouse, where we pay meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process.

From product concept all the way through to packaging, we do all we can to make sure our customers have the best experience possible. We put a lot of thought into our products and processes to achieve the best prices and still maintain a high standard of quality.

Our history

The start of our adventure.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… (well maybe not that long ago!)

Our journey started in 2006 where we set up Pure Display Limited, a family-run business providing display solutions for retail stores. Over the years we decided to start manufacturing our own products, so we could guarantee the quality of what we were supplying.

When we weren’t in the office, we were focusing on our hobby – building LEGO! As our collection continued to grow, dusting the sets became a nightmare. We started researching for a product to keep the models protected, but nothing existed for individual LEGO sets.

That’s where our passion started to take over…

LEGO Display Cases - First prototype

The story unfolds.

As we were already manufacturing acrylic, we started working on a design for the LEGO Modular Buildings and created our first prototype, a clear acrylic case that was held together by glue.

We thought this was the perfect solution so decided to sell it on our Pure Display website. It was only when we started selling them, that we realised the issues. A lot of the cases were breaking in transport as the glue wasn’t strong enough and the shipping costs were excessive because of the size of the box.

If at first, you don’t succeed…

Learning from our mistakes, we went back to the drawing board and created our second prototype, an acrylic case with hooks.

Using hooks meant no glue was needed and the case could be sent flat-packed to reduce shipping costs. Our first hooked design was for the LEGO Emerald Night Train Set. We started making hook displays for other sets whilst also looking at ways to improve the design. This new design was stronger than using glue, but it wasn’t easy to handle as the hooks could fall out of the slots when the case was picked up.

Third time lucky?

We wanted to improve on our existing design and soon had our breakthrough idea: developing our own screw fittings. This is something 100% unique to us and what we still use today.

LEGO Tower Bridge Display Case

Why do our display cases use screws?

You may have seen other flat-packed display cases on the market without screws. We purposely do not design our cases that way, as they have a number of disadvantages. Without screws, the display case is not as secure, so if you try to lift it up it will simply fall apart. Some other designs also use hooks; these have similar issues, where the hooks can break easily.

Our design team are not just about selling display cases – we are practical about how they are used. Our cases can be lifted away from the base, so you can easily put your collectable items inside before placing the case back on top.

Our mission

It was in 2015 that we turned our passion into the business you know as iDisplayit – true collectors who pride ourselves on the design and quality of our cases.

We understand the real emotional value that comes with the items you collect. We want to help protect and display them in the coolest way possible. Our display cases are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, to an extremely high standard of quality. A great deal of care is taken to quality check each product and ensure sufficient packaging is used for both local and international shipping.