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Display the tallest LEGO® set to date in a display unit worthy of your colossal LEGO ICONS Eiffel Tower set, featuring specialised high-strength premium 6mm transparent acrylic panels and an 18mm black timber base to support and protect this epic model of Paris’s most well-known landmark.
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Find the best way to display your LEGO® Jazz Club (10312) set with our premium, high-quality display case, oriented at the ideal size to keep your LEGO Icons Modular Building looking hip, swinging and new while protecting it from dust and damage.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width26cm
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Keep your LEGO® Holiday Main Street 10308 set neatly showcased within our clear acrylic display case, designed to keep your model safe from dust, snowballs, pets and reindeer this Christmas.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width21cm
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Brighten up your home or office décor with our crystal clear acrylic display case for the colourful LEGO® Icons Succulents 10309 flower set, protecting every petal, stem and hidden surface from dust and fingerprints while enhancing your display.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width21cm
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Savour the thrilling fantasy world of the LEGO ® ICONS Lion Knights' Castle with our bespoke display case solution designed to protect your LEGO 90th anniversary model from dust and damage while displaying your medieval castle in all its splendour.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width39cm
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An extra large clear case to display your LEGO ® Icons Lion Knights’ Castle (10305) in an open or closed position.
Int. Length78cm Int. Width39cm
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A clear display case designed especially for the LEGO ® Icons Orchid flower (set 10311). It's an elegant way to keep your precious bricks safe, while still being able to admire them in your home or office.
Int. Length39cm Int. Width26cm
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Introducing the iDisplayit clear display case for the LEGO ® Atari 2600 (10306). This showcase will help keep your beloved gaming console protected from dust and other elements. Not to mention, it'll look great on display in your home too! Also included is a plinth for the three 3D scenes.
Int. Length65cm Int. Width39cm
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Introducing the iDisplayit acrylic display stand for the LEGO ® Galaxy Explorer ! This sturdy stand is angled and made of clear acrylic, so it won't obscure your view of this iconic spaceship.
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Explore the furthest depths of the cosmos and make sure your LEGO ® ICONS 90th anniversary Galaxy Explorer has a safe hanger to return to with our clear acrylic display case specially designed to protect it from space dust, meteorites, laser blasts (and earthly damage such as knocks and spills). The clear stand shown in the photos is sold separately .
Int. Length58cm Int. Width32cm
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Looking for a way to protect your LEGO ® Icons Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (10304)? Then check out our clear display box. Made of durable acrylic, this case will keep your LEGO car dust-free and looking like new.
Int. Length39cm Int. Width21cm
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Our display case is the perfect way to display and show off your LEGO® ICONS Loop Coaster set while protecting it from dust and environmental damage. Made from the highest quality acrylic materials, this top-of-the-range LEGO display case is designed and manufactured in the UK by iDisplayit.
Int. Length88cm Int. Width39cm
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This acrylic case is specially made so you can display the LEGO Icons Optimus Prime (10302) set converted as a truck. Ideal for any Transformers or LEGO fan who doesn't want to worry about their collectable getting damaged or dusty. A case is also available if you wish to display Optimus Prime in a standing position.
Int. Length32cm Int. Width18cm
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This acrylic display case is specially made for the LEGO Icons Optimus Prime (10302) set, so you can enjoy it without the worry of it getting dusty. Ideal for any Transformers or LEGO fan who wants their favourite character protected from harm. A case is also available if you wish to display Optimus Prime in truck mode .
Int. Length32cm Int. Width21cm
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