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Best Dupengda Lightsaber Replicas for Christmas 2023


Best Dupengda Lightsaber Replicas for Christmas 2023

Every Star Wars-obsessed kid wants a lightsaber for Christmas, and if we’re honest, plenty of adults do as well! That said, it can be hard to select the right replica, with many officially licensed options being too expensive or too cheap. Durability, sound effects and lighting are all key considerations – who wants to wave around a lightsaber that will break during a duel or struggle to emulate the classic movement sounds and effects associated with the legendary weapons?

Lightsabers are the noble weapons of the Jedi and Sith order. Each weapon emits a coloured plasma blade enclosed inside a hilt powered by the mystical Kyber crystals. Their visually striking design and customisability make them the ultimate collectable for Star Wars fans.

Lightsaber collectible

Back in July, we reviewed an unofficially licensed lightsaber replica from Dupengda, which we found to have excellent features and style for the price. So, if you’re looking for the best lightsaber gift for Christmas 2023, look no further than our list of the top offerings from this China-based supplier.

All the weapons are based on hilts used by characters in the Star Wars franchise, ranging from the classic Original Trilogy to the sequels, prequels, and more recent Disney+ TV shows. Each product also includes the option to change the blade colour and sounds using the Xeno phone app.

You can also grab 10% off your purchase using promo code ginaplayit.

Lightsaber collectible

Ahsoka (set of two)

£460.05  £358.00

Ahsoka Tano is the star of her own recent Disney+ series. However, she was first featured as an essential character in The Clone Wars animated series. These laser swords come as a unique pair, mimicking the classic Samurai swords used in medieval Japan, whereby warriors would utilise a full-length katana beside a smaller wakizashi.

Lightsaber collectible

Luke EP6

£427.13  £188.46

As the name suggests, this is stylised on Luke’s weapon in Return of the Jedi and subsequent appearances in games and comics. It is one of the most recognisable Star Wars hilts, with the classic narrowed tip and activation slide.

Fun fact: the original prop used by Mark Hamill was taken on board Space Shuttle Discovery on October 20th, 2007.

Lightsaber collectible

Kyle Katarn

£303.68  £204.92

Credit to Dupengda for including a lightsaber used by the now-Legends character Kyle Katarn. The smuggler-turned-Jedi is long overdue for an appearance in the new Disney canon, and fans of the old-school Jedi Knight gaming series will love this replica.

Lightsaber collectible

Darksaber Lightsaber

£353.06  £308.62

The one who wields the Darksaber shall rule Mandalore… so make sure it’s you (at least in this galaxy!) Din Djarin (aka Mando) was the fan-favourite anti-hero who eventually claimed the blade in the hit TV show The Mandalorian, and fans have been intrigued by its mysterious origins ever since. This is one of the most distinctive lightsabers you can buy, with a shorted, dark hilt and black energy blade.

Lightsaber collectible

Darth Maul

£427.13  £262.53

For all the film’s flaws, no fan will forget the epic moment villain Darth Maul appeared in the last act of The Phantom Menace and ignited the first Star Wars double-bladed lightsaber ever seen on screen. This now-classic design also comes apart to form two single-bladed weapons.

Lightsaber collectible

Dooku Lightsaber

£492.97  £410.67

Our final choice is another individualistic lightsaber, as wielded by Darth Tyranus/Dooku in the Prequel Trilogy. Dooku was played by veteran actor Christopher Lee, who tapped into his own fencing skills to realise the fictional Form II combat style. Dooku belonged to the aristocracy, and his weapon reflected an older, more chivalric style than traditional Jedi hilts. The weapon’s curved design is intended to unleash deft, precise strokes elegantly suited to duelling and one-on-one combat.

Xeno lightsaber app

Each Dupengda lightsaber is controlled via an app, easily downloaded from the App Store on iPhone or Google Play on Android.

While the lightsabers can be controlled using the physical buttons, the Xeno app offers a much easier way to navigate options by connecting your phone to the device using Bluetooth. As per the screenshots above, options include customising the volume and selecting the blade colour using a palette.

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