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Hasbro Reveal – Star Wars The Black Series Holiday Edition Figures


Star Wars The Black Series Holiday Edition Figures

Here’s another early stocking filler for Christmas 2023 – three yuletide holiday-themed Star Wars The Black Series six-inch scale action figures! These classic characters from the galaxy far, far away have all been decked out in festive red, green and gold, with funky Xmas accessories to boot.

The Black Series encompasses a wide range of figures, vehicles, and roleplay items inspired by over four decades of Star Wars lore. All the new products are made by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd, offering a high-quality collectable toy to decorate your shelves this Christmas.

Star Wars Hasbro display cases

What Is the Release Date for the Black Series Holiday Edition Figures?

The three Hasbro Star Wars holiday-themed action figures are available for pre-order with an estimated dispatch date of 1st November 2023.

How Much Are the Star Wars Christmas Action Figures?

The new seasonal figures are priced at $27.99 each at Hasbro Pulse store.

What Scale Are the Hasbro Star Wars Action Figures?

The models are all standard six-inch scale.

Which Characters Are Included in The New Range of Black Series Holiday Edition Figures?

Jawa & Salacious B. Crumb  |   Purge Trooper  |  Ewok


Star Wars The Black Series Holiday Edition Figures – Features

First up, the Ewok. Love or loathe them, these tiny teddy bears are now a classic part of the Star Wars canon. This snow-white Ewok features premium detail and multiple points of articulation, sporting a Christmas-green cloak. Three accessories include a red chest, a Porg, and a staff. This wouldn’t be a bad model to hang from your Christmas tree using some string!

Purge Trooper

The Purge Trooper was part of an elite squad used by the Inquisitorius. This particular trooper dons holiday-inspired deco, with their armour in festive colours. They also come with a unique golden MSE-6-series repair droid and gold-decked gun.


We’ve never seen a Jawa looking more like Santa Claus! The mysterious Tatooine-dweller wears a red Father Christmas-inspired robe and holds Salacious B. Crumb, Jabba’s odd little pet from Return of the Jedi. This time, the squeaking Kowakian monkey-lizard is a vivid Christmas green.


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