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LEGO Icons Reveals New Pac-Man Arcade Set


LEGO Icons Reveals New Pac-Man Set

This weekend, the official LEGO Twitter page teased a new theme based on the pop-culture iconic retro game Pac-Man (Puck Man in Japan), which first appeared in 1980 at the height of arcade gaming. In the fun teaser trailer, LEGO told fans that something “really cool” would be “munching its way” over, with the tagline, “Ready! Build! Play!” – check out the post here!

LEGO Pac-Man Twitter post
Now, LEGO have revealed a new Icons set, PAC-MAN Arcade 10323, which recreates the original vivid yellow Pac-Man-styled Namco video game cabinet with the added addition of several coloured ghosts on the top beside the eponymous unnamed dot-munching main character.

The brick-replica cabinet does not feature a playable version of the maze action video game. However, enthusiasts can turn a winch on the side to simulate a short sequence complete with moving characters such as Blinky and Clyde. Other fun retro design nods include the 4-way joystick and a light-up coin slot. Pressing a button on the front will also cause the figures to change direction.

PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 

Opening up the rear of the brick arcade cabinet reveals the inner workings of this intelligently-designed model, which features some of the most inspired technic elements we’ve seen in a while to accomplish the hand-powered moving mechanical maze. Collectors will also find a hidden surprise in the form of a mini-scene with LEGO minifigures playing a smaller-scale version of the gaming unit.

The new Pac-Man arcade set is priced at a fairly steep $269.99. However, the model is an undeniably-magnificent recreation of a vintage pop-culture icon which we think plenty of collectors will want to showcase in their homes. With authentic decals and attention to detail all around, this model looks to be an essential set for arcade gaming enthusiasts.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it, and we’ll be saving up our Power Pellets for the early-access VIP release on 1st June! (The set will go on public sale on 4th June 2023). This new retro gaming-themed set will also sit nicely alongside similar LEGO releases over the years. Scroll down below to see a few of our display case options for similar LEGO models.

PAC-MAN Arcade 10323


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