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LEGO Launches Fortnite Collaboration


LEGO Launches Fortnite Collaboration

Fortnite is a global online gaming sensation whose popular and violent ‘battle royale’ gameplay mode has remained consistently popular with fans worldwide. Nevertheless, when the game first launched, it was primarily based around a cooperative crafting survival mode called ‘Fortnite: Save The World’.

By teaming up with LEGO (the most popular toy brand in the world), the game hopes to rediscover its roots with a new brick-based survival mode aimed at young players.

In the new game mode, players build structures, craft tools and weapons, and explore a giant, mysterious world. Sound familiar? That’s because the new LEGO/Fortnite high-profile collaboration appears to be closer to an attempt to rival another popular game – Minecraft – rather than subject young players to the chaos of the battle royale. No one can blame LEGO for taking inspiration from Minecraft, as it remains the best-selling game of all time.

Speaking about the new game mode, Epic Games president Adam Sussman said, “This is absolutely about expansion … this is also an expansion in terms of having these experiences appeal to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from kids to teens to adults.”

Check out some official YouTube gameplay footage for yourself.

LEGO Fortnite

LEGO – A History of Gaming Success

LEGO have a triumphant history of adapting real-world toy bricks and elements to gaming platforms, with tie-in titles from popular franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel. Assuming they can bring the same sense of fun and magic to a traditionally violent game, LEGO Fortnite could be a hit.

At the same time, the Fortnite play style does offer concerns for parents of younger gamers. To counter this, LEGO have gone as far as to publish their own parents guide to the new game mode.

Epic Games, however, seem to be happy to take some risks. Speaking about the new release, marketing officer Julia Goldin said, “Every collaboration and everything that you do, especially things that are ambitious, carry a lot of unknowns with them … we don’t yet know exactly how the game is going to land, what kids want to do versus what others would like to do, which things are going to resonate and which things will not.”

Time will tell.

LEGO Star Wars Game

What Other Fortnite Collaborations Have Taken Place?

LEGO is not the only prestigious partnership in Fortnite history. Over the last five years, the game has teamed up with League of Legends, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Street Fighter, Star Wars, and even the Marvel and DC universes. The game has also held concert events with celebrities such as Ariana Grande.

Star Wars LEGO displays


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