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Three New Marvel Spider-Man LEGO Figures Released

Build and Display These Fully Jointed LEGO Figures from Marvel’s Spider-man!

LEGO Spiderman Toy Released

Listen up, Spidey fans! This month saw the release of three funky new brick-built LEGO figures from Marvel Universe’s Spider-Man, including two classic heroes and one iconic villain. With all three sets priced at a very affordable $24.99, we thought it would be worth taking a closer look at the new models…

Spider-Man Figure (76226)

LEGO Spiderman 76226 Set

Peter Parker has remained our favourite web-slinging hero since first appearing in comic book form in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, going on to star in numerous films, computer games and cartoons over the years.

We think this large-scale LEGO figure is a fun addition to the franchise. While not as highly collectable as some of the Sideshow Hot Toys action figurines, it does make a great addition to a bedroom or study. Try attaching Spider-Man to the side of your desktop PC or dangling him from a bookshelf for some creative display model fun.

The New York Web-Head can be positioned in almost any pose you want, thanks to the articulated LEGO bricks that form the new set. At just over 24cm tall, the figure is well worth displaying in one of our custom display cases to protect it from dust and damage.


Miles Morales Figure (76225)

LEGO Spiderman Miles Morales Set

Miles Morales has become a popular franchise choice after first appearing in 2011’s Ultimate Fallout #4 comic, going on to star in the most recent console game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, on PS4 and PS5, respectively.

The new model gives young and older Spider-Man fans a hands-on experience with a model that includes web elements and an authentic design in terms of colour and decals.

The flexible Marvel-film figure looks great displayed in any configuration, from a web blaster pose to swinging through the streets of NYC.

We would love to see Miles partnered with the other two models in a building diorama, perhaps teaming up against Venom.


Venom Figure (76230)

LEGO Spiderman Venom Poseable Set

Venom is a villain who needs no introduction, fully appearing for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 in 1988.

Introduced as a sentient alien symbiote, the villain’s creepy liquid-like form and human form host attachment have made the sharp-toothed creature an iconic addition to the franchise. Armed with similar superpowers that mimic Spider-Man’s, the dual-lifeform Venom is a capable and dangerous Super Villain.

Fans can honour Spider-Man’s classic adversary with the new LEGO figure set, capable of posing in various claw-like fighting positions to increase the interaction and immersion.


Are The Marvel Spider-Man LEGO Figures Any Good?

We love the new models here at iDisplayit, although we would be excited to see some larger, adult-orientated versions released in future. That said, the use of movable joints is very imaginative and offers enthusiasts fun ways to display their models together. These affordable sets make a great addition to any collection and are an early consideration for this year’s Christmas gift for the Marvel fanatic in your life.

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