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Was really worried before making this purchase as I am not sure about the quality of it. But very happy that I take the risk and made my first purchase from iDisplayit. Will continue buying in future.
I received my case on March 28, 2022. The case is absolutely perfect. Precision craftsmanship using ingenious connectors. Everything about the transaction was perfect. Great communication throughout. I do have one tip: I assembled a front and side panel first and continued with the other side. The top would have been difficult to add without a second person helping, but I came up with a solution. Put the display together upside down. 10 of the 22 connectors are in the top panel. Simply lie it on a surface and install the other panels to it.
I am very happy that I did reading the reviews and bought this dark brown timber, it does looks very great with Titanic!! it is very worth to have it!
Received the Titanic display case on Feb 28, 2022. The box was in good shape coming for the UK to San Antonio, Tx. Thanks to your company for making a case to fit this ship. It will keep the Titanic safe and dust-free for years to come. The creation & assembly was engineering marvel. It was very easy to put together. I give your company top rating for developing this case. I hope my account will stay active for possible new cases in the future.

Your truly,
Guy Yelverton, Jr.
I adore this display stand! You've already invested $800 for the model, so why not show it in its best light - vertically! The stand is very stable, easy to use, and even includes grips on the bottom to avoid sliding or damaging your companion display case. Absolutely worth the money, and beautifully manufactured.
I bought the non-hyperspace version when it was still available - there is NO other way anyone should display their Falcon! It is stunning vertically, uses less real estate on your table, and saves you attempting to dust between "greeblies". :-)

It is worth every penny... I also recommend the display stand sold on this site. It is very stable, and while the initial attachment and placing it into the display case can be a touch stressful (she's not lightweight), it was actually very simple to do. Love it!
Not only do the Brits make the best cars ie: Jaguar they make the best display cases. Truly a work of art and my Titanic has a home that is proud and beautiful. The wood base is a must as not only an esthetic value but the added strength to support the display.
I actually have two of these cases for the LEGO Star Wars helmets, I was able to fit a couple of helmets and the probe droid in one as well witch worked out perfectly. These cases are a really great way to work in some of your sets around the house and have it not look out of place. Great product!
I got the LEGO Bugatti as a gift and the first thing I thought was I need to find a way to keep the dust off this thing! After googling and trying to find a good option I found this company, I now buy a case for every big LEGO set I buy. Such a great option for displaying and protecting your set, if you’re thinking about grabbing one I can tell you you won’t be disappointed
I ordered the display case for the UCS AT-AT as soon as it was available, I have several cases from idisplayit and they are fantastic! The shipping is always on time and you can tell they put a lot of care into the packing, they’re always in perfect condition when I assemble them. This is definitely the go to company for displaying LEGO sets as well as other items you care about. I’m just waiting for the stand for the snowspeeder to arrive so I can complete my display!